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Pro Durham Locksmith: When to Replace Locks

Knowing when to replace locks is key (no pun intended). In Durham, NC you have access to Pro Durham Locksmith, a team that is able to tell you exactly when it is appropriate to swap out locks by doing an inspection or by simply listening to concerns over the phone that customers notice – some signs are more obvious than others. Of course, not everyone reading this will be located in a spot that is convenient to access this company’s services, but this information will still be useful to them.

There are many people who have actually never had their locks changed, even though they have been living in their home for a decade or longer. There are many business owners who have lock inspections on their to-do list, but it is a task that always seems to fall to the backburner. Personal security is important and of course necessary. Business security is mandatory. If you’re wondering whether or not it is time to replace locks, just look at the information provided. This will provide the guidance that you need.

Stolen or Misplaced Keys

When keys end up lost or stolen, it is critical to have the locks changed. The last thing that you want is for someone to be able to access your property because they managed to pick up your key, or a copy of your key. There are a couple of ways around replacing locks in this situation, though. You can consider having your locks rekeyed – this is something to talk with a locksmith about. You can also consider going keyless and having a totally different kind of lock installed (this is a useful solution for persons who tend to lose their keys frequently). With keyless entry, you just have to remember a code.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a problem that you are going to have to deal with eventually with most parts of your property. Over time, and because of circumstances like weather, items will begin to show wear and tear. They might even eventually fall apart. If you notice issues like your key needing to be moved around from one end to another while inside of your lock, then the inside might be falling apart. If you can see tarnishing and rust on the outside, this is an indication that the lock might fall apart soon. Customers should avoid waiting to change locks, because there will come a time when they completely fail to work, and it is best to have another set of locks ready for when this happens.

Property Break-in

A break-in is a horrific experience to have to go through. The shock that one feels when they walk through their front door, only to realize some of their valuables have been taken from them, is indescribable. Most locksmiths will understand the stress that one is feeling after a break-in occurs, and they will tell you that the best thing to do is to have your locks changed. The locks might have been visibly damaged during the break-in. It is an important step to take to change those locks.

Change of Tenant

Anyone who rents out a room at their property should be mindful of changing the locks when a new person comes in to rent. A tenant might be very trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a copy of their house key sitting around. When tenants change, locks should, too. Locks can also be rekeyed in this situation.

Aesthetic Reasons

Maybe you are just tired of how your locks look. Or perhaps your locks stand out a bit more than they should. Electronic locks are definitely gaining popularity, so this is another option to consider. If you just don’t like the look of your locks, consider having them replaced with something more fitting.

Moving into a New Home

It is so exciting when you are finally handed the set of keys to your home that you worked so hard to be able to afford. But before you get too excited, think about how many people might have had access to this property – realtors, contractors, painters, etc. were likely able to access your new property at some point. It is best to avoid stress and risk, and have the locks changed.

Key Keeps Getting Stuck in the Lock

If a key is getting stuck inside of a lock, it tells you right away that something is wrong with the interior of the lock. A key shouldn’t get stuck at all, and it shouldn’t take much effort to insert it into a lock and to get the lock to work. When effort is exerted, it tells a person that it might be time for a lock change. Sure, you might consider rekeying the locks, but if the lock is damaged to a certain point, rekeying will be a waste of time and money. Replace your locks if the keys are getting stuck inside!

Change Locks to Accommodate a Disability

Locks might need to be swapped out in an effort to accommodate a person with a disability. This is a very valid reason to look into new options, and of course there are a great deal of options available.

Pro Durham Locksmith is available to assist customers looking for a lock change in Durham, but if you happen to be located in another state or area, be sure to go online and look for a locksmith that can be trusted in your location. Places like Yelp and even Facebook allow you to see reviews of businesses, so you can see some feedback that other people have had with the business, and use their experience as guidance as to who to hire for the job. Changing locks without the necessary tools and experience can prove to be a huge waste of time – it can also lead to locks failing to operate correctly. No one wants this to happen, so turn to an expert when it comes to the need for new lock installation!