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Commercial Keyless Locks

Securing your business using keyless locks has many advantages over the traditional key method. It doesn’t matter what type or size of company you operate; keyless locks can make a real difference at your firm! Durham, NC is home to thousands of local companies ranging from giant corporate headquarters to home based freelancer outfits and everything in between.

What are keyless locks?

Let’s take the mystery out of these specialty locks right now. Keyless locks don’t use a key to open them. Instead, they use the latest technology that allows for a number sequence to be entered into a keypad on the lock or even from a remote device. Depending on your needs you can use these keypad locks for a variety of purposes and uses. A four number sequence is standard and offers low to medium level protection to certain parts of a building or to a room with the right combination entered.


The advantages to your business of using keyless locks are many. You can finally do away with so many keys! Each staff member can have his or her own key code or number sequence to enter into the keypad. Some systems allow for you to record the date and time that the lock was accessed. Since each code is assigned to an employee or customer, it is easy to see just who came and went and at what time.


Can this system be abused? Of course it can. These number sequences can be written down and lost. Any person finding the code can now access your room or part of the building. It’s also possible to share codes with others intentionally or quite innocently (someone looking over your shoulder). Here at Pro Durham Locksmith we usually recommend pairing access like this with a video surveillance system that can be remote accessed and recorded for future viewing. Be sure to ask us or your favorite local commercial locksmith about adding CCTV cameras to your keyless entry area.

Badges and swipe cards

These plastic cards are basically the same size and thickness of a credit card. They can serve a dual purpose as both a key and an ID badge. A magnetic strip on the back can be embedded with the staff member’s information so that once swiped, he or she can enter the building or a designated part of it. Some badges are swiped into a reading device while others are merely held up to the device and if the chip is recognized, entry is granted. These handy cards are also useful to human resources to monitor pay times including arrivals, departures and employee breaks. These cards eliminate the need for physical keys and can be clipped to shirts, blouses, belts, and even worn around the neck. Applications and uses for this type of technology are found virtually everywhere. Hotels and luxury condos and apartments have found badges and entry cards like these quite useful as they can be programmed and re-programmed per visitor, guest or employee.

Major banks, call centers, hospitals, government buildings, offices, and even nursing homes use these swipe cards with great effectiveness. If someone is terminated from the job or has ended his hotel or apartment rental lease, the cards magnetic strip can be reprogrammed to reflect that.

Many of these keyless locks can be upgraded to quiet mode for use in high end condo sales, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, luxury hotels and other similar locations that call for a quieter atmosphere.

Biometric locks

These are also known as fingerprint door locks. They sound so futuristic and science fiction like but in reality, the technology involved has been in use for years and quite effectively, too. One good example is the iPhone. Instead of a key that can break or become lost, a thumb print is used to allow access. These locks are quite accurate and can’t be faked so easily. If an employee is terminated, the information is taken out of the system and the lock will not recognize that fingerprint or thumbprint as one to gain entry to. One big drawback to this type of biometric lock is that they can be damaged or require maintenance if dirty or greasy fingerprints are used.

For higher security, some businesses combine the biometric locks with a keypad so that both a fingerprint AND a number sequence are needed for access.

No electricity!

In case you were wondering, if the power goes out and battery backup doesn’t kick in, a key can still be used to gain entry. Some systems even require use of a key along with the number sequence or badge as an even safer way of controlling access.

So, what if…?

Pro Durham Locksmith is often asked about abuses to keyless entry systems. We’ve already covered some of them like power failures or someone borrowing your access card. You might be wondering if 4 digit number codes can be guessed. Most keyless entry systems have built in technology that prevents more than a few tries at producing the right number sequence. It is very similar to entering the wrong password several times while trying to log-in to your online bank account. After 3 or more attempts, you are locked out of the system for a designated period. The same goes for keyless entry systems. After the allotted entry numbers are used up, the system typically locks you out and sometimes even an alarm is sounded.


Cost for installing and maintaining keyless entry will vary according to your needs and number of entry points installed. While you can call a security company and get estimates, your best money will be spent with a full service, licensed, bonded and insured commercial locksmith shop. Choose one that offers free price quotes, 24-hour emergency service and has a solid reputation in the local community. Mobile access on a 24/7 basis is also vital as you’ll want fast service anytime needed. Your Durham, NC business depends on you to make the right decisions and we think adding keyless entry to your firm is one of them!