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Interior Door Locks

Close your eyes for a moment and think of your door locks. What did you picture? 9 times out of 10 people think of their front door and the lock that is on it. Locks on doors can also be on interior doors,even if they don’t come to mind as much. Front and back door locks are mainly meant for security purposes while interior locks are more privacy oriented as they are on bedroom, bathroom and closet doors

Residential interior door locks

As stated above, interior doors at home usually have locks for privacy. It’s nice to be able to shut your bedroom door, lock it, and keep out the world. Whether you are a teenager, roommate, or grown up, privacy is always important to maintain a sense of individualized space and harmony that you don’t share with everyone else. Bedroom doors aren’t the only ones that can enjoy lock use; bathrooms are a great place for privacy, too! Even if you or your loved ones are believers in free, open and relaxed living while at home, your guests will certainly appreciate being able to visit, sleep over and enjoy your guest room or bathroom with its lock on the door!

Commercial interior door locks

Here in Durham, NC we have thousands of local businesses ranging from one person realtor offices to the several thousand employees found at IBM or Blue Cross Blue Shield. Interior doors are found at all these locations and a large percentage of them have locks on them. Just like their residential counterparts, commercial interior door locks are more for privacy than anything else. Of course, you will find some business interior locks that are designed and used for security reasons but overall, those are reserved for entrance and exit doors.

With today’s more modern furniture layout and floor plan concepts, many Durham, NC firms are using cubicles, work stations and open seating involving tables, customer service counters, and even stand up desks. Locking interior doors are then reserved for executive offices, board rooms, conference rooms, server rooms and maintenance closets.

Kinds of interior locks

Since for the most part, interior locks are not made for security reasons, they are often referred to as “nuisance locks” as they aren’t meant for keeping the crooks out. Our Pro Durham Locksmith shop offers both security locks and these interior locks as do most other local lock and key firms in the area.

Bed and bath locks

These are those “nuisance” locks we referenced earlier. They are typically bought and used to prevent accidental entry into a bathroom or bedroom and since they are not meant for keeping out burglars they can be rated Grade 3 security. These locks are usually combined with door knobs that include a center knob that can lock by turning or with the push of a button. Sometimes, they even have a key hole or pin hole on the outside that can fit a thin screwdriver or paper clip for emergency release.

Padlocks and combination locks

No, you won’t typically find these on residential bathroom doors, but many commercial interior doors have them; mainly for storage rooms, warehouse units and such. Locks like these can be accessed by a number combination or a key. These types of locks offer medium level security but they can be cut by bolt cutters or smashed open so they should not be used for high security purposes.

Installing or replacing your interior locks

Are you somewhat of a handyman? If so, you can buy interior locks at dozens of places around town as many Durham, NC stores sell them in all price ranges and styles. Since they are for inside use, you don’t have to be concerned with all-weather finishes or high security ratings for these locks. You check well known retailers like Sears, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy. If you have questions about lock strength or installation methods, your best bet is to shop at Home Depot or Lowe’s as they have staff on hand that can answer questions and provide free, helpful tips.


If you already know what locks you want to purchase, don’t forget to check Amazon or E-Bay. Both sites offer great prices and useful descriptions. Amazon also provides ratings from other users or buyers and those are always helpful. Don’t forget to factor in shipping charges!

You can always buy your locks wherever you choose and have a handyman do the installation work if you don’t have the time or inclination to do the job yourself. Most new locks will come with instructions and you can always check YouTube for helpful (and free) videos on how to do this.


Once in a while you will get locked out of your bathroom, bedroom or office. It happens; these interior locks are easy to accidentally lock, and if the door closes, you are temporarily out of luck! Don’t despair – these locks are almost as easy to “break” back into!

Some lockouts are done by accident, but if you have small children or moody teenagers that are expressing themselves, you may need to use a small tool like a thin screwdriver, paperclip or coat hanger to let yourself back in. If you bought your locks new, there should have been a small tool included in the package that you can easily insert into the outside of the door knob, and either turn the small locking knob on the other side or push the interior lock open and let yourself back in. If you are renting the property or have long since lost your tool, you can find a replacement for it at any hardware or home improvement store.

Call a locksmith!

You are always free to call a local Durham, NC locksmith to help you install your interior locks. Doing so frees up your time and assures you of professional lock and key service that is done right by a real expert. You can take advantage of the opportunity and have your locksmith check you exterior door locks while he is there. This can be the perfect time for lock upgrades or for simple lock maintenance and cleaning, too!